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Startup-Cy (Business Startup Course)


About The Course

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes and operates a business, who invests in innovations and is willing to take on greater than normal risks in order to see his or her vision become a reality. This Entrepreneurship course will develop the analytical abilities and strategic competencies necessary for students who wish to become entrepreneurs or are already part of a growing business. Practical skills covered in this course include identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, creating a business plan, securing financial backing and coordinating business growth.

If you are interested in learning how to become an entrepreneur, to nourish a business idea in the making, or to help your business grow and flourish, then click the button below to register, at the end of this course, successful candidates will receive a certificate of participation and may be considered for some funding for their business. Entrance is free!

This course is opened to all students and business owners across Cyprus.

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Course Schedule

Introduction to Entrepreneurship BE 1013rd October2 hrs16:30
Starting Your Own Business SOB 1001  10th October 2 hrs 16:30
Writing a Business Plan
WBP 100217th October
2 hrs16:30
Design Thinking 
BCD 1003 24th October
2 hrs16:30
Brand Creation & Development
BCD 1003
31st October 
2 hrs
Financing a Business
BCD 10037th  November
2 hrs
Innovation  Management
EIM 10045th December 2 hrs16:30
Marketing Your own Business
MKT 100612th  December
2 hrs16:30